YDBC Ltd Agreement Form

This is our new agreement form which replaces the existing 'instruction' forms for making building control applications with us.

For new projects please call 0113 3270094 or email to discuss further before completing the form.

Approved Document Part R: Physical Infrastructure for High-Speed Electronic Communications Networks

Part R took effect from 1st January 2017 and is concerned with infrastructure for high speed broadband in new buildings and in buildings where major renovations are taking place.

Approved Document Part J: Combustion Appliances and Fuel Storage System

Approved Document Part A: Structure

Approved Documents Part B (B1/B2): Fire Safety

Approved Document Part C: Site Preparation and Resistance to Contaminants and Moisture Download

Approved Document Part D: Toxic Substances

Approved Document Part E: Resistance to the Passage of Sound

Approved Document Part F: Ventilation

Approved Document Part G: Sanitation Hot Water Safety and Water Efficiency

Approved Document Part H: Drainage and Waste Disposal

Approved Document Part K: Protection from Falling Collision and Impact

Approved Documents Part L (L1A/L1B & L2A/L2B): Conservation of Fuel and Power

Approved Documents Part M (M1 & M2): Access to and Use of Buildings

Approved Document Part P: Electrical Safety - Dwellings

Approved Document Part Q: Security - Dwellings

Approved Document B - Volume 1: Dwellinghouses

This current edition of Approved Document B (Fire Safety) – Volume 1: Dwellinghouses incorporates amendments made to reflect any changes arising as a result of the Building Regulations 2010.

Approved Document A

The current reprint of Approved Document A - Structure, incorporates amendments made to the 2004 edition. This reprint further incorporates editorial corrections and amendments.